Ribbon Bar, Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa

Ribbon Bar, Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa

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The Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa, known simply as the Ebola Medal, is a service medal for issue to the Armed Forces and to civilians, working either for Her Majesty's Government or for NGO's, in support of the British Government's response to the Ebola Crisis in West Africa between March 2014 and March 2016. The medal is the first to be awarded by the UK Government for a humanitarian crisis response

The qualifying period for award of the medal is from 23 March 2014 until 29 March 2016. The medal is awarded either for 21 days of continuous service within the operating area, or 30 days accumulated service on working visits of 48 hours or more to the operating area. In the event of qualifying service ending prematurely due to death, serious illness, evacuation or disability due to service, where the individual had otherwise been expected to complete their service, the reduced service length will be deemed as qualification for the award.

The following groups are eligible for award:

  • Military personnel under the command of Commander, Joint Operations, and other members of UK Armed Forces providing direct support to HM Government's response.
  • Any volunteer or employee directly deployed by the Dept of International Development (DFID), UK-Med, Public Health UK , the National Health Service or the Stabilization Unit in support of HM Government's response.
  • Any member of Civil service
  • Any UK national employed by an NGO funded by the DFID supporting HM Government's response.
  • Any UK national responding to the Ebola crisis in support of HM Government's response whose service can be verified.

The operating area is classified as the territory and/or territorial waters of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea; these three countries were defined by the World Health Organization as having had "widespread and intense transmission" of the Ebola virus.

The thin ribbon bar version includes built-in mounting pins and butterfly clutches.  When ordering different ribbon bars they will be mounted as one unit, unless specified when ordering.

The slide version of the ribbon bars require a ribbon mount, sold separately.

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