Medal Mounting

"Court Mounted or Court Mounting" The current mounting method of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and other commonwealth countries. The ribbon appears down the rear of the medal and is mounted to a piece of plastic. The medals are then securely wired to this backing to prevent movement. This dramatically reduces the chance of damage to the medals when worn and improves the overall appearance of the medals. The height from top to bottom of the medal is 4". Current CAF members are eligible for reimbursement thru the CAF and receipts are provided.

"Swing Mounted" Medals are sewn to a pin brooch and can be pinned to your uniform or other clothing.  The downfall with this style of mounting is that if you have more than one medal they will swing about and bump into each other causing tiny marks on your medals. This is the tradition method up to the 50/60's and this is how current single CAF medals are issued before court mounting.

"Bow Mounted" The traditional method of ladies to wear single medals for formal wear.


All medals are mounted with care and with all new materials.

Medal are mounted with post pins.

Older or foreign medals are additional cost to mount

Old materials returned on request.

Your choice of felt backing color.
Black or Red

Options available at additional costs.

Brooch bar 
Electroplating of medal