Ribbon Bar, Alberta Police Officer Long Service Recognition Medal

  • $7.00

The period served in a police service must have been within Alberta for 20 years or longer and does not include any period of leave to serve with the Armed Forces or another agency or organization, or any period of service outside of Alberta. Service in Lloydminster is only eligible if served after April 1, 2009 when the command of the RCMP detachment was transferred “F” Division to “K” Division in Alberta.

Up to five years of Military police service in Alberta can be counted toward the Alberta Police Officer Long Service Recognition Medal. If the periods of service are not continuous, or are with more than one police service, each period of service is calculated to the nearest month. And the total service must exceed 240 months.

Only under special circumstances, at the discretion of the Minister, can the medal be awarded to an individual who does not meet all eligibility criteria.


The thin ribbon bar version include built-in mounting pins and butterfly clutches.  When ordering different ribbon bars they will be mounted as one unit, unless specified when ordering.

The slide version of the ribbon bars require a ribbon mount, sold separately.

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