Ribbon, Alberta Peace Officer Long Service Recognition Medal

Ribbon, Alberta Peace Officer Long Service Recognition Medal

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The Peace Officer Long Service Recognition Medal was developed by Alberta Justice in cooperation with the Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers (formerly Alberta Special Constables Association) and Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure to recognize any person whose peace officer service equals or exceeds a period of 20 years.

For the purpose of this award, a peace officer must have 20 years of service as a peace officer in Alberta, working in an enforcement capacity.  If the periods of service are not continuous, or are with more than one authorized employer of peace officers, each period of service shall be calculated to the nearest month, and the total service shall exceed 240 months.  A maximum of five (5) years of police service in Alberta can be credited towards the Peace Officer Long Service Medal.  Police service means as a sworn member of a police service as defined in the Alberta Police Act or the RCMP.

If a peace officer has prior service with a police service, or military police in Alberta, a maximum of 5 years of previous service will be credited toward this medal.

Full Ribbon Width 32mm

Miniature Ribbon Width 16mm