Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal

  • $60.00

Established in 2003, the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal recognizes exemplary long service for individuals working in a direct capacity to protect people and/or property, and supervisory personnel in the public service sectors who ensure the safety, security and protection of Saskatchewan citizens. These individuals set high standards and strive for excellence in their duties so everyone in Saskatchewan can live safe and secure lives. The Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal honours protective services providers and focuses attention on the efforts and work of police, fire and emergency professionals, and others working in the field of safety and security. 

This full size reproduction medal comes loose and with 8 inches of quality ribbon (32mm wide).

The miniature size medal comes loose and with 5 inches of quality ribbon (16mm wide).

Miniature Medal is out of stock and will be available Aug 2023.

Medal Mounting Services are available at additional cost.