Canadian Forces Decoration (GVI)

  • $75.00

The Canadian Forces Decoration is awarded to officers, and to the men and women of the Canadian Forces who have completed twelve years of service. The medal is awarded to all ranks, who must have a good record of conduct during the final eight years of claimed service. The medal is awarded to the regular forces, reserve forces and to officers to the Cadet Instructors List (CIL). Service in the regular and reserve of auxiliary forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations will be counted towards the medal if the final five years have been with the Canadian Forces and no other long service, good conduct or efficiency medal has been awarded for the same service. The medal may be awarded to persons in possession of any long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal clasps, provided that the individual has completed the full qualifying periods of service for each award and that no service qualifying towards one award is permitted to count towards any other. The service need not be continuous. This award supersedes all other awards for members joining the Canadian Forces after 01 September 1939.

The uncrowned coinage head of King George VI, facing left, with the inscription:

GEORGIVS VI D : G : BRITT : OMN : REX FID : DEF : around the edge.

This full size reproduction medal comes loose and with 8 inches of quality ribbon (38mm wide).

Medal Mounting Services are available at additional cost.