Bronze Number #4, For NATO Service Medals

Bronze Number #4, For NATO Service Medals

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Numerals denote additional tours of duty on a particular mission.

NATO tour numerals are awarded for another 180 days accumulated service with a NATO mission or after each additional 540 days service in the adjacent area. This only applies for the NATO medals for the Former-Yugoslavia, Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Other NATO medals do not have numerals.

The tour numeral for NATO is a metal numeral, bronze in colour, in Arabic script.

The tour numeral shall be worn centered on the undress ribbon.

The tour numeral is worn centered on the ribbon of the actual medal, half way between the top of the ribbon and the top of the medal when fully mounted.

When a medal is issued with a bar, the tour numeral shall be worn below the bar and spaced equally with it and any other insignia (such as a Mention in Dispatches) on the ribbon.