Canadian Memorial Cross (Silver Cross), EIIR , Reproduction

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The Memorial Cross (more often referred to as the Silver Cross) was first instituted by Order-in-Council 2374, dated December 1, 1919. It was awarded to mothers and widows (next of kin) of Canadian soldiers who died on active duty or whose death was consequently attributed to such duty.

A sterling silver cross, 32 mm across, with arms slightly flared at the ends with a wreath of laurel leaves appearing between the arms of the cross.

On the obverse, the Royal Cypher (EIIR) appears in the center of a Greek cross superimposed on the main cross, with the Royal Crown at the end of the upper arm and maple leaves on the three remaining arms.

The Cross is suspended by means of a loose ring linked to a fixed ring at the bottom of a brooch, 32 mm wide, in the form of the lateral arms of the Cross.